Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you ve been injured in an auto accident, a motorcycle crash, a truck collision or a bus accident, you count on your auto insurance to help cover the related costs. The insurance company may not have your best interests in mind, and it may even try to deny you the money you deserve.

Unfortunately, many people wait until after their auto accident to find out if they can handle insurance adjusters themselves.   There can be many confusing rules and regulations involved with filing an auto accident claim. You may have to review past medical records or file your claim in a certain amount of time. Before you call your insurance company, call the Law Offices of DeLuca Maucher and let us deal with the insurance company.

DeLuca Maucher has an experienced personal injury team. We can assist you throughout the entire auto accident claim process.

If you, a friend or your family member is the victim of any kind of motor vehicle accident, do not attempt to handle your injury claim without the representation of an experienced personal injury attorney.   At DeLuca Maucher, we can provide you with the help you deserve and need.   Our experienced attorneys have successfully dealt with countless auto accident claims and lawsuits. Our expert investigators and experienced case managers will secure the evidence needed to get the financial compensation you deserve.

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